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Mailisita Challenge!  Kilimanjaro climb in June 2013 was a huge success!!


Open for business! Stella Maris Lodge & Hotel in Moshi, Tanzania is offically open for business!  You can book your stay by emailing: info@stellamarislodge.com.

If you are in Tanzania, stop by for a meal or enjoy a drink and the view from our roof-top restaurant.

Visit the home page of Stella Maris Lodge & Hotel in Moshi, Tanzania.

Follow US teacher Terry Mulligan as he blogs about his experiences teaching in Tanzania:  Terry.


Summer visits: The groups are able to see an operating school and a guesthouse near completion. Read more here.


12/01/2010 Winter Visit: Arriving to warm weather, the group visits with the children and assesses progress on the guesthouse. Read more here.

7/5/2010 Summer Visit: The group heading out to visit this summer made it successfully. It sounds like they are very busy. Read more here.

1/11/2010 Big milestone: Today the school opened. 42 kids began class! The guesthouse is still underway. Thank you to all who are making this possible! Read more here.

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100% of donations go directly to purchasing of building materials, food, and labor for the construction of the education center. View plan summary here.

Mailisita Foundation is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charity.

School enrollment: 280 kids.

It costs 40 cents a day to feed each student.

Please contact Stan Taylor at mailisita.foundation.us@gmail.com or Terry Mulligan at terry.mulligan24@gmail.com with any questions.

The Mailisita Foundation was created to develop a financially self-sustaining Education Center to serve the needs of a growing orphan and vulnerable population in rural Tanzania.

Mailisita is a village in Tanzania six miles outside of the town of Moshi. "Mailisita" is Swahili for "mile six". Mailisita is along the main road connecting Arusha, Moshi, and the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Fr. Kawishe (right) was the Mailisita parish priest within the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania. In addition to his many other responsibilities, Fr. Kawishe had been running a pre-school at the parish center serving about 100 children -- many of whom were orphaned or from families otherwise unable to pay for their children's education.

The education center at left, shown below in its early building stages, teaches the local children to learn in English -- a key skill to have a chance to compete for scarce secondary school openings.

Each summer through 2016, volunteers will travel to Moshi to build an additional classroom for the growing school.

The taller building behind is the 25-room Stella Maris Lodge where all proceeds go to funding our school.

School Begins!

Meet the children.  These and others like them are the children Mailisita Foundation is helping. You can help them too.



To see all who seek education to be educated

To see orphan & underprivileged children in Mailisita are able to effectively compete for scarce secondary school openings

Create an English Primary School

Create a self-sustaining revenue source for the school

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